» » Wallpaper Engine V.1.0.795 Portable (2017) Multi / Rus

Wallpaper Engine V.1.0.795 Portable (2017) Multi / Rusapplication

Wallpaper Engine v.1.0.795 Portable (2017) MULTi / RUS
Wallpaper Engine V.1.0.795 Portable (2017) Multi / Rus

Wallpaper Engine v.1.0.795 Portable (2017) MULTi / RUS|248.77 MB
Wallpaper Engine allows you to use "live wallpapers" on your Windows desktop. Various types of wallpapers are supported, including 3D and 2D animations, websites, videos and even some applications. The project has already added 13 video wallpapers. Select an existing wallpaper or create your own. Read more below.

• Put instead of boring wallpapers moving in real time graphics, videos, applications or websites (for example, your favorite stream);
• Use interactive wallpaper that can be controlled with the mouse;
• Support for many proportions and native permissions, including 16: 9, 21: 9, 16:10, 4: 3;
• Support for multiple monitors;
• Support for multiple languages;
• Wallpaper can be paused during the game, it is customizable;
• Create your own wallpaper using the built-in editor;
• Use Workshop Steam to share your creations;
• Supported video formats: MP4, WebM (Workshop); mp4, WebM, AVI, M4V, MOV, WMV (local files);
• Also you can download wallpaper from the workshop Steam;
• Maximum video resolution for Windows 8, 10: 4K; for Windows 7: 1080p;
• The program is endowed with a wide range of different settings: language, performance, loudness of sounds and much more.
• You can tick off the wallpaper you want, set the auto-change interval and save the playlist.

The list of default video wallpapers:
• Arsenal
• Audiophile
• Beach
• Deep Space
• Demon Core
• DNA Fragment
• Eagle Flag
• Fantastic Car
• Retro
• Ricepod
• Sheep
• Shimmering Particles
• Techno

• Everything is packed in a self-extracting SFX archive;
• Run the installer, specify the path for unpacking;
• If at startup an error occurs that there is no library in the system, then run DXSETUP.exe from the archive (_CommonRedist \ DirectX \ Jun2010);
• You can specify the settings at the first start and change later in the "Options" tab;
• Running is done by the wallpaper32.exe or wallpaper64.exe file (depending on the bit depth of your OS.)
• Wallpaper folder: projects.

Changes in build 1.0.795:
• Added garbage code to reduce false positives of bad anti-viruses.
• Made playlist show up early with stub images, so missing files can be removed too.
• Fixed scene drag and drop index issue.
• Attempted to fix the grid controls, not disappearing when taking a preview snapshot.
• Added memes tag.
• Added debug output for NV Surround.
• Added experimental NV Surround auto splitting with optional bezel correction.
• Added context menu to monitors.
• Limited split adjustment range to local split positions.
• Fixed left split width / height respectively.
• Fixed nested splits.
• Made videos seek when unpaused to avoid freezing when set to pause during display sleep.
• Defaulted display sleep to stop.
• UNC paths.
• Another UNC path fix.
• Added explicit playback option for monitor sleep and defaulted it to pause.
• Attempted to fix boost UNC path detection.
• Fixed auto property reset on window close not applying old default props.
• Implemented scene ortho positions.
• Fixed some monitor grouping bugs.
• Added automatic ortho scaling and centering for the first imported image into a 2D scene.
• Tried fixing some playlist loading issues.
• Added resolution tags to scene wallpapers and derived them from the ortho size.
• Added an option to start web wallpaper devtools at port X.
• Moved the remove wallpaper button back to the monitor view.
• Added swap / replace translations for monitor selection.
• Translation updates from Git.
• Improved context menu builder.
• Added project delete button to file menu.
• Added CEF command line text entry.
• Removed img quality setting because it causes performance regression (probably not using a cache now).
• Fixed radial progress not scaling with grid size.
• Defaulted workshop browser to show month trending.
• Added context menu system and context menu to wallpaper browser.
• Added image quality and preview size options to browser.
• Attempted to fix. Vec component. Directive to place. Characters in view. Model when input return. Undefined or null.
• Added video file type for single file import property.
• Made property preset.
• Fixed property changes being applied to all wallpapers based on file name and ignoring location hash.
• Made Steam preview image scaling dynamic based on DPI.
• Added property preset JSON sharing.
• Implemented multi-monitor properties.
• Implemented property preset save and load.
• Changed group name.
• Changed display power to use GUID_CONSOLE_DISPLAY_STATE on win8 +.
• Add Bulgarian translation.
• Improved monitor pause on display sleep.
• And much more.

• PS I deliberately did not do the translation because I get a set of words with an incomprehensible meaning)) Who needs this and so will understand.
System requirements:
• OS: Windows 7 (with Aero), 8.1, 10
• Processor: 1.66 GHz Intel i5 or equivalent
• RAM: 1024 MB of RAM
• Video: HD Graphics 4000 or higher
• DirectX: Version 10
• Disk space: 512 MB

• OS: Windows 8.1, 10
• Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel i7 or equivalent
• RAM: 2048 MB of RAM
• Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD HD7870, 2 GB VRAM or higher
• DirectX: Version 11
• Disk space: 1024 MB

Archive checksums:
CRC32: 082F61D1
MD4: 410967A3E97FB73F7B4385BABE5868A6
MD5: 4FA4D59C94B048D06FC74B6B35219672
SHA-1: 311B99D398460A0A461428FAF2A41010C010BEEA

Information about the software:
Release date: July 10, 2017
Title: Wallpaper Engine v.1.0.795 Portable
Version: 1.0.795
Developer: Kristjan Skutta
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Language: Multilanguage / Russian
Tabletka: Not required
Size: 248.77 MB (after unpacking 555 MB)


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